We invest in companies that Matter and founders ready to Scale.

MatterScale invests in early-stage Latin startups with a global mindset, located in the US and LatAm, that apply technology to offer high quality, affordable, and accessible services for the majority.

Investments that Matter

Nilo Labs

Fede and Lauta are building an all in one B2B Saas ecosystem that empowers sellers to succeed in their road to market digitalization journey.

Investments that Matter


Luis, Luis Miguel, and David Celes are building a SaaS that uses AI to help retailers improve their procurement/inventories, customer loyalty and pricing around the world.

Investments that Matter


Alex & Tomas aim to reinvent the salary by providing formal full time employees on a payroll the benefits of digital salary services.

Investments that Matter


Bruno, Fran, Tiago, and Darlan, from Brazil, aim to give small, self-employed service providers in Latam productivity tools via an end-to-end operating system.

Investments that Matter

Bia Energy

Sebastian, Guillermo, and Leonardo, from Colombia, aim to optimize and reduce energy consumption for SMEs in Latam.

Investments that Matter


Agus & Matias, from Mexico, aim to provide thousands of independent home-brokers a platform to dignify their work and become 10x more productive.

Investments that Matter


Chelsea and Ryan, Korean immigrants living in the US, aim to help millions of immigrants learn English at the lowest cost through small, personalized cohorts.

Investments that Matter


Esteban, Martin, and Diego, Latinos living in Canada, aim to provide access to better job opportunities for undergraduate students in the Americas.

Investments that Matter


Sebas, Valentina, Santi, and Francisco, from Colombia, aim to provide high quality jobs to anyone in Latam.

Investments that Matter


Fernando and David, from Brazil, aim to provide high quality and affordable healthcare services to Brazilians, wherever the patient chooses.

Investments that Matter


Felix, Max, & Anibal, from Argentina, aim to help small ecommerce merchants reach scale via aggregation of their strengths.

Investments that Matter

Manzana Verde

Larissa and Carlos, from Peru, aim to provide high quality, affordable, and accessible healthy and delicious food plans to everyone in Latam.

Investments that Matter


Tony & Marcos, from Argentina, aim to solve Latam’s last mile delivery challenge while providing jobs to thousands of people.

Investments that Matter


Javier, a Colombian founder, aims to provide high quality, affordable, and accessible primary healthcare to every person in Latam.

Investment Thesis


Pre-seed up to Series A. Tickets between $150,000 and $750,000, with the capacity to build syndicates with our LPs for larger tickets.


We invest in technology applied to services for the majority, in startups with a clear mission to improve people’s quality of life by offering high quality, affordable, and accessible services. Sectors include education, healthcare, financial services, security, employability, and generally any democratization of services through technology.


Latin startups located in the Americas. A startup is “Latin” if a founder or the target market is Latin American.


We invest in founders who believe in building strong teams within a culture that embraces diversity, equity, and inclusion. It is part of our diligence to understand how the current company culture works and can be improved.

Society is facing unprecedented and exponential change. The legacy industries and business models of market leaders are being disrupted every day. Worldwide, millions of people traditionally left behind demand and are willing to pay for high quality, accessible and affordable services. We firmly believe this global transformation represents a massive opportunity that can be leveraged with venture capital.

We are an Americas-based fund with a local presence

The General Partners are physically located in the United States, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Argentina, Chile, and Brazil.

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