We invest in founders of early-stage technology startups offering high-quality and accessible services for the majority.

What makes us different

Diverse Team

We have a diverse team that comes from working many years at Endeavor, the world’s most successful entrepreneur organization in finding, selecting, investing, and supporting entrepreneurs in emerging regions. The story about how we built MatterScale can be found on the Endeavor blog, here.

Regional Player

We are physically located and well connected in 10 of the top 25 metro areas in the Americas. The general partners of the fund live, work, and have built extensive networks in São Paulo, Mexico City, New York, Buenos Aires, Los Angeles, Bogota, Santiago, Miami, San Francisco, Detroit, and Quito.

Leadership Partner

A key difference between startups that succeed vs those that fail is the execution ability of the team, which implies an extraordinary leadership and culture. Based on this belief we created Culture Rank, a tool to anonymously survey Employee Culture and DEI where eNPS, DEI indicators, wellbeing, feedback loops, OKRs, and expectations are measured and shared with the founders and teams.

Please click below to learn more about Culture Rank and how to use it with your team.

Culture Rank


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