The MatterScale Tribe

Founders solving big societal problems. Founders doing things that matter. Founders scaling up. These are the role models we all aspire to become.


Javier, a Colombian founder, aims to provide high quality, affordable, and accessible primary healthcare to every person in Latam.


Eduardo and Ariel, from Argentina, aim to give Latam farmers the possibility to leverage their wealth through the tokenization of their grains.


Eduardo and Michael, from Mexico, aim to support small housing developers with digital tools to manage their end to end sales process.


David, a Mexican immigrant living in Detroit, aim to give the deskless and essential workers access to technology to increase their productivity.

Aprende Institute

Martin, a Latino living in Miami, aim to provide the underserved US Hispanics with high quality and affordable online trade education.


Carolina and Gaston, from Argentina, aim to allow anyone to become a software developer with low code software augmentation tools.


Emilio, Sacha, Alan, and Mario, Latino founders living in Miami, aim to help small ecommerce merchants increase their sales through automaton marketing.

Bia Energy

Sebastian, Guillermo, and Leonardo, from Colombia, aim to optimize and reduce energy consumption for SMEs in Latam.


Luis, Luis Miguel, and David Celes are building a SaaS that uses AI to help retailers improve their procurement/inventories, customer loyalty and pricing around the world.


Celina and her friends, Bruno & Sergio from Argentina, aim to let Latin Americans own assets in a decentralized wallet.


Felix, Max, & Anibal, from Argentina, aim to help small ecommerce merchants reach scale via aggregation of their strengths.


Jonny and Ariel, Latin-Global citizens, aim to radically change how data privacy is managed.


Mariano, Martin, & Mauro, or the the 3 M's from Argentina, aim to allow content creators to monetize through a decentralized content creator channel.


Alejandro and Juan Pablo are transforming livestock trading by utilizing AI to promote a more sustainable supply chain, while increasing profitability for responsible producers.


Alex & Tomas aim to reinvent the salary by providing formal full time employees on a payroll the benefits of digital salary services.


Alejandro Parodi, Adriel Araújo, and Matías Dib help SMBs become cybersecurity compliant so they call sell more while protecting SMBs by reducing cybersecurity risks.


Juansi and Guillermo, from Colombia and Mexico, aim to provide the deskless workforce access to high quality education in 15-minute daily lessons via WhatsApp.


Sebas, Valentina, Santi, and Francisco, from Colombia, aim to provide high quality jobs to anyone in Latam.


Chelsea and Ryan, Korean immigrants living in the US, aim to help millions of immigrants learn English at the lowest cost through small, personalized cohorts.


Fernando and David, from Brazil, aim to provide high quality and affordable healthcare services to Brazilians, wherever the patient chooses.


Ary is building the first large music model to allow anyone to create proffessional music while recognizing property rights

Manzana Verde

Larissa and Carlos, from Peru, aim to provide high quality, affordable, and accessible healthy and delicious food plans to everyone in Latam.


Virginia and Alex, from Argentina, aim to give small merchants in Latam the best payment tools through embedded services.


Tony & Marcos, from Argentina, aim to solve Latam's last mile delivery challenge while providing jobs to thousands of people.


Juan, from Colombia, aims to allow humans to take care of human's best friends, their pets, in affordable, accessible, and top line vet-clinics through Latam.

Nilo Labs

Fede and Lauta are building an all in one B2B Saas ecosystem that empowers sellers to succeed in their road to market digitalization journey.

Novel Capital

Carlos, a Latino, and his partner Keith, in Kansas, aim to provide small SaaS SMEs in the US access to affordable revenue-based lending solutions.


Ben, Matt, Johnny, and Stephen, from multiple countries, aim to help communities around the world to design, launch, and scale DAOs.


Michel, a Latino, and Ed, from the US, aim to help the underserved Hispano community create wealth by becoming owners of their own home servicing company.


Agus & Matias, from Mexico, aim to provide thousands of independent home-brokers a platform to dignify their work and become 10x more productive.


Bruno, Fran, Tiago, and Darlan, from Brazil, aim to give small, self-employed service providers in Latam productivity tools via an end-to-end operating system.


Alex, a Latino living in the US, aims to reinvent how global companies recruit and hire better, and how global job-seekers search and find better jobs.


Miguel and Maria Helena are on a mission to democratize AI access and reliability for everyone.


Daniela, Tali, Sergio, and Andres want to replicate what did for Chinese exporters 25 years ago, but for Mexican exporters.



Esteban, Martin, and Diego, Latinos living in Canada, aim to provide access to better job opportunities for undergraduate students in the Americas.

We have worked closely with MatterScale team in our round, sales, and recruitment. Very different from a traditional VC, they are close and always willing.
Estamos muy contentos de tener a MatterScale como aliados en lo que estamos construyendo en Manzana Verde. Compartimos una visión del mundo donde se fomentan relaciones justas, colaborativas y de mayores oportunidades.
I love MatterScale as a growth platform. Space in our round is very limited, but I would love to have you on board.
Matterscale is a true value-added investor! Their substantial global resource ecosystem, diverse leadership, and impact focus have contributed to our success in providing substantial resources to our strategy, financing, and execution!