The MatterScale Tribe

Founders solving big societal problems. Founders doing things that matter. Founders scaling up. These are the role models we all aspire to become.


1Doc3 is a healthcare platform that offers HR departments access to high-quality and affordable primary care services for their employees.


1Mentor is a data analytics and recommendation engine that allows key decision makers at Universities to adapt their academic curriculum to real-time industry needs, enhancing students ability to land ideal jobs.


Andonix helps the blue-collar, desk-less, and essential workers to become more productive by digitizing their workflow, their training, and their connectivity throughout the company.

Aprende Institute

Aprende is an online vocational training platform where Spanish-speaking people learn with real-time experts how to launch their own business.


Aptugo is a Dev Tool to build Web and Mobile apps that merges the best features and possibilities of traditional programming and low/no-coding platforms.

Bit Trap

BitTrap is a cybersecurity solution that helps companies detect attacks, prevent data stealing, and avoid ransomware by deploying risk-adjusted bounties.


Elevva partners with e-commerce 3rd party sellers and brands by acquiring all or part of their business to optimize for faster scale.


HackU offers employee training in 15-minute per day learning units delivered entirely via WhatsApp.


Hunty helps people get a meaningful job by teaching them how to source, find, interview for, negotiate, and ultimately land the job.


Immigo is a new platform for peer-to-peer English courses. They partner with the world’s best instructors to offer live, online, community-driven courses to boost student fluency.


Isa provides Brazilians with vaccines, physical exams, diagnostics, and tests at the comfort of their home through their mobile medical lab platform.

Manzana Verde

Manzana Verde offers healthy and delicious meal plans with over 200 options delivered fresh and warm to your door or desk.


Menta is a tech infrastructure service provider that enables corporations and/or fintechs to embed payment solutions and other financial services. By doing so, Menta´s clients increase cross sell opportunities to existing customer base.


Moova is a same-day delivery platform for sellers. It connects with all the major e-commerce engines in the region.


TORRE are building THE global platform for the future of work. TORRE is a recruiting and talent search platform that uses different algorithms to create and match the most optimal pairing of candidates and companies

We have worked closely with MatterScale team in our round, sales, and recruitment. Very different from a traditional VC, they are close and always willing.
Estamos muy contentos de tener a MatterScale como aliados en lo que estamos construyendo en Manzana Verde. Compartimos una visión del mundo donde se fomentan relaciones justas, colaborativas y de mayores oportunidades.
I love MatterScale as a growth platform. Space in our round is very limited, but I would love to have you on board.
Matterscale is a true value-added investor! Their substantial global resource ecosystem, diverse leadership, and impact focus have contributed to our success in providing substantial resources to our strategy, financing, and execution!